The Resurrection – April 4 2021

The Resurrection – April 4 2021

The resurrection is a description of how the universe self-corrects, life always reasserting itself even when forces of death and darkness have temporarily prevailed. Like a tiny flower growing through cracks in broken cement, peace of mind emerging at last after periods of deep grief, or people continuing to fall in love despite the ravages of war, love always gets the final say. To lean on the resurrection is simply to recognize what’s true; that if happiness hasn’t arrived yet, then the story isn’t over.

Marianne Williamson, The Alchemy of Easter


Regardless of the ‘facts’ of our life, on any given day in any given moment, we always have the choice of listening to the story of doom and gloom that might be running in our head, or to look forward into life, knowing that ‘the universe’ (or life or God or love or spirit) will be there to catch us and lift us up again.


For that is the entire task of life – uplifting itself again and again, moving toward greater consciousness, greater awareness, more wholeness, more joy.


And if this is the task of life, then it is the task of my life. Each time I make this choice for myself, I am practicing the example given in the story of the resurrection of Christ. I am aligning myself with the whole of the universe. I am learning to be able to do it with a bit more ease and grace the next time. And as I do it for myself, I do it for everyone around me. Consciousness – life – is one thing. To uplift myself is to uplift the whole of life.


Today I will practice the resurrection of my highest self, rather than practice the negative self-chatter or arrogance of the ego. I will know for myself that life wants only my happiness and wholeness, and I will look forward into the next moment with expectation and a sense of wonder at the miracle of it all.

Cloud and palms, Los Angeles, CA