The Source of Joy is in Every Moment – October 23 2020

The Source of Joy is in Every Moment – October 23 2020

Fame and success, like happiness, cannot be sought directly. Happiness cannot be achieved by struggle; it is the automatic consequence of an inner sense of delight, joy, and satisfaction. Happiness automatically comes from being a certain kind of a person and being a certain way in the world and about life. A truly happy person is happy no matter what. I’ve been happy rich, and I’ve been happy poor. I’ve been happy single, and I’ve been happy married. I’ve been happy as a student, and I’ve been happy as a teacher.


The source of joy is in every moment; it is totally independent of “out there.” Fame and success are exactly like that. They cannot help but happen. Once we start a snowball rolling, it automatically goes downhill.

David Hawkins, MD, PhD, Success is for You 


How about we all just choose happiness today, no matter what? For at least a moment.


Today I will choose to be happy. I will assume I have the power and the know-how to do so, and I will simply choose. Each time I find myself straying into fear, resentment or sorrow, I will remind myself that happiness is available to me, and once again, I will choose it.

Woman with Baby, Uttar Pradesh, India