The Supreme is Here and Now – January 11 2021

The Supreme is Here and Now – January 11 2021

The Upanishad says that Supreme Truth or Reality is not a thing in the past – it is right Here and Now! Because it is right here, all our acquired knowledge cannot be applied to that Supreme Being. It is not something that you can study, store and remember. It is an immediate Presence here, available all the time!

Sri M


I’ve heard it said that the most minute connection to the Divine today is worth ten thousand times the spiritual epiphany of yesterday.


To God, every place is Here and every moment is Now. If we wish to meet the Divine, then this is the space we must occupy. The here and the now. 


What keeps us from the here and now? Speculation. Using our mind to try to change the past or future in order to relieve our fear in the present. It never works. It leads only to suffering. And it takes us away from the experience we are meant to be having in the body – connecting to Source. Knowing ourselves as At-One-With the whole of what is. Meeting God in the tiniest moments of our day. Right here and right now. Spreading the almond butter on the cracker. Petting the dog. Noticing the way my body feels in the chair. Feeling the cool breeze as my partner opens the door into evening.


Today I will notice when my mind drifts into speculation and I will bring myself back to the here and now, as many times as I notice, as often as I can, and I will look for the sparkle of the Divine in every person and every moment I encounter.

The Painter, tintype, Studio City CA