The Supreme Reality – April 16 2019

The Supreme Reality – April 16 2019

[Upanishad] is that which is learnt sitting close to the teacher with complete humility in order to understand the ultimate supreme truth. What is the content of the Upanishad? It is ‘Brahma Vidya‘ – knowledge or understanding of the ‘Brahman’…the Supreme Reality behind the entire phenomenon we see. The Supreme Reality that is within us, in you and me, that which pervades the entire universe. The understanding of this Supreme Reality is known as ‘Brahma Vidya‘.

Sri M

There is a reality within each of us. It is this same reality ‘which pervades the entire universe.’ When we contact this reality within, through meditation, we are able to experience it, and experience ourselves, without the distraction of our thinking, without the distraction of relative-world phenomena. 

This inner reality is the fount and source of everything we humans seek in the universe: fulfillment, love, creativity and more. It is the solid base, the safe place we seek to create in the outer world through relationships and acquisition. But here it is, right within, closer than our own breath.

Once we experience this reality within, we can begin to recognize it in the outer world as well. By knowing it within, and beginning to seek it without, we may begin to craft the life of our dreams. Fully, fearlessly, and with a sense of joy.

Today I will practice my twice-daily meditation. And during the hours I am not meditating, I will remind myself that behind everyone and every thing I encounter lies this same reality of Self.

Actress on Set of ‘Block Island,’ Block Island, Rhode Island