The Transformative Power of the Mother – June 20 2020

The Transformative Power of the Mother – June 20 2020

Aurobindo Ghose, one of the great spiritual visionaries of the twentieth century, wrote passionately about his vision of a radical transformation in humanity. He believed that the crises of his time – the rise of totalitarian movements as well as the freedom movements that ended colonialism – were the external forms of an upheaval in consciousness that would eventually give birth to a new order. When demonic forces are unleashed in the world, the forces of evolution become highly accessible, and not just in human minds and hearts. Aurobindo believed that the force of the Shakti [the innate power in reality, seen as the Goddess] is yearning to evolve our awareness, to help us created a world in which we live in balance with each other and the earth, and with our own sacred masculine and feminine natures His teaching, contained in his book The Mother, articulates one of the underlying meanings of the Durga myth: to access her transformative power, we have to call it, ask for it, pray for it.


It’s as if the protective, transformative power of the divine waits, just out of reach, unable to intervene until we summon the courage or the desperation to throw ourselves at her feet, literally or metaphorically, and ask for her help. In asking for her, we bring her forth.

Sally Kempton,

Awakening Shakti: the Transformative Power of the Goddesses of Yoga


Today I will ask of something greater than myself for the wisdom to know my next right action, and the  power to carry it out. I will throw myself at the feet of the Divine and ask for help.

Woman in Ganges, Prayag, Uttar Pradesh India