The Truth of Discomfort – May 14 2019

The Truth of Discomfort – May 14 2019

Ask the physicist. He’ll tell you: “It’s all mere vibration; particles or charges in constant motion or just waves of different frequencies in a perpetual flux. Your three-dimensional world is largely a concoction of your senses and mind.

And you?

You are the consciousness which is the witness of all the drama, watching in amusement as the ego plays its games, dons different masks at different times and ends up identifying itself with the roles it plays. The real you is that ever-blissful, unchanging, blessed consciousness.

Therefore, enter. Enter the door that opens onto the path that seekers have trodden for thousands of years.

Abandon not the infinite ocean of bliss and happiness that knows no end but is itself the end of the road. Some call it ‘God’, some ‘Truth’, and some ‘Nothingness’, for it can’t be described by words or gestures.

It is more precious than anything your mind can conceive of.

Sri M, 

The Little Guide to 

Greater Glory and a Happier Life

When I was in India on the Walk of Hope, each day was a new experience of discomfort. Blisters and sore feet to heat stroke. Too-spicy food and cold showers. Dust and smoke, not knowing Hindi, away from family and friends. The list could go on.

But ask me how my experience was and I’ll tell you it was fantastic.

How is that possible?

As Sri M says in the passage above, what I am is the consciousness that is witness to the drama, witness to the discomfort. I am not the drama, I am not the discomfort. The discomfort was a given. The source of it and the intensity of it changed on a day to day basis, but I never for a moment entertained the notion I could be free of it. And because I meditate twice each day, I am in touch with that part of Self that is witness to. I’m always just a few hours away from the experience that reminds me of this Truth of Self, that allows me to transcend what Sri M calls the ‘concoction of your senses and mind.’

This is the gift of meditation. This ability to go beyond all that seems to be ‘wrong’ in the world to touch upon and identify as that which is absolutely ‘right’, always. It is, indeed, more precious than anything the mind can conceive of.

Today I will meditate twice, morning and evening; and during the hours of the day I am not meditating I will remember the Truth of what I am, reminding myself that there is nothing in the world that I need to ‘fix’ in order for me to be happy, that indeed the Truth of me is happiness itself.

My Roommates, Daffodil Public School, Mirzapur, Uttar Pradesh, India