The Truth of Your Own Being – October 15 2020

The Truth of Your Own Being – October 15 2020

[T]he sages tell us the pattern of the whole universe, of all that is, is imprinted on the deepest level of your being. You are not only part of the whole, you are the Whole. Realizing this brings the experience of joyous freedom because you perceive that with infinite options available to Her, Consciousness chose to become you. And furthermore, you are not a static entity but a dancing pattern of energy, an unfolding process – a perfect and integral instantiation of the divine process by which God reflects on herself and expresses herself.


To attain all the fulfillment you’ve ever dreamed of and more, you simply need to see the truth of your own Being: that infinite potential exists within you, for you are an expression of the Divine, and whatever manifests through you in this life, though not infinite, is to be honored as what you alone can add to the ever-expanding process of God’s grand self-exploration.

Christopher D. WallisTantra Illuminated


We meditate twice each day in order to connect with the Truth of our being, with that level of Self that is beyond thought, feeling and our history of self. All those aspects of our experience that keep us small and separate. We connect with this inner Truth, this experience of the transcendent field, so that we may begin to identify from this Truth, rather than from our limited nature. And then we tell ourselves a new story, like the quote above from Mr. Wallis, that gives us permission to live fully, to shine our light fully, to express from our deepest Self fully.


We practice this fullness of expression, this fullness of loving energy, again and again; and we meditate again and again until we have learned absolutely that what we are is perfect, pure, whole and complete, and that what we are here to do is to know this perfection and to express from it for the good of the whole of nature.


So simple.


Today I will remind myself that the truth of the Divine is the truth of myself, is the truth of everyone I encounter. And I will ask in each encounter: if I were the Divine, how would I behave in this moment? If this other person were of the Divine, how might I treat them? If this moment were the expression of the Divine on this earth for this day, how might I join in with that Divine expression, fully?

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