The Truth That Lives within Absolute Silence – March 25 2020

The Truth That Lives within Absolute Silence – March 25 2020

The Upanishad says that words cannot express the Truth, no language can and no words can describe it. In absolute silence when there is no formation of words, which means no formation of thought then perhaps something happens.

Sri M

“In absolute silence when there is no formation of words…”

It is the bane of being human that we must make sense of things. We must try to ‘figure things out.’ We will tell ourselves and each other stories about what’s happening in the world today – what it means, whose fault it is, when it will end, whether or not it’s even real – simply because it’s our way of dealing with fear, of trying to feel as if we have at least some semblance of control. Anything we come up with, even if it’s true, will by definition be only a partial truth; and much of what we say or hear will be guesswork or wishful thinking.

There is no absolute sense to be made of what we’re going through at this moment; and even if we were able to make sense of it, it wouldn’t give us the sense of safety and security we are seeking. The only that can give us that sense of being alright is ‘the Truth…’ that lives ‘in absolute silence.’ The Veda, in the form of the Upanishad, says that there is a Truth that underlies all of reality, that is omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient. This Truth is with me now, will be with me in each moment of each day for the rest of my days and beyond. That it is my every breath and every sensation that moves through me. It is the whole of what I am and the whole of all that is. Nothing happens that is not of this one, underlying Truth.

Standing on a Truth like this can offer me at least the opportunity to not be frightened.

Today I will pause, at least twice in the morning and twice in the evening, and let my thinking settle enough that I might feel the absolute silence within and know, to whatever degree, the Truth that resides there.

Bud Powell and Ganesha in the Garden, tintype of the day, Studio City CA