The Way Out is to Become More Conscious – April 16 2020

The Way Out is to Become More Conscious – April 16 2020

Apathy and depression are the prices we pay for having settled for and bought into our smallness. It’s what we get for having played the victim and allowed ourselves to be programmed. It’s the price we pay for having bought into negativity. It’s what results from resisting the part of ourselves that is loving, courageous, and great. It results from allowing ourselves to be invalidated by ourselves or other; it is the consequence of holding ourselves in a negative context. In reality, it is only a definition of ourselves that we have unwittingly allowed to happen. The way out is to become more conscious.

David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D., 

Letting Go: The Pathway of Surrender


For many of us, our spiritual journey begins because we feel lost or alone, because we are in some form of emotional or spiritual pain; or because we have lost sight of our direction in life and feel as if we haven’t a clue. We look and listen for answers from those who have gone before us. We seek new and different tools to live by, new ideas for adding joy to our days, and more purpose. There are literally thousands of books written and lectures given, all with a different angle on the task at hand, and many of them useful.


What we find, though, as we go along, is that there’s nothing we really need to learn. What is required is simply to become more conscious. 


Conscious of what? Of what we truly are.


As Dr. Hawkins states above, our only problem is “having settled for and bought into our smallness.” Smallness is an illusion created by our small self, the ego, to make it feel safe. When we take the voice of the ego to be our own, we build a life of fear and powerlessness with no chance of redemption.


The good news is: we do not need to learn Sanskrit or study ancient texts for clues, or chant a thousand and eight names of Vishnu to change things (though any of these things might be helpful). All that is required is that we become more conscious. Wake up! to the Truth of our being.


Each day, we meditate. Twice. Each meditation takes us to the place of Truth within, and makes access to that place of Truth easier for us.


And each day we read/study/listen to ideas that are other than our own habitual negative thinking, and slowly, slowly teach ourselves to accept something other than these old ideas of smallness.


We are, each of us, individual expressions of Totality. And as Totality, what is available to us is anything and everything we could ever imagine. Simply by becoming more conscious. Simply by waking up to the truth of what we are.


Today I will let go of the negative feelings, the fearfulness, that keeps me small; and I will offer myself, in some way, to the world, to the people around me, as if I have much to offer. As if I have access to Totality. As if God has plans for me and has just been waiting for me to wake up and join in.

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