The Work of Spiritual Development – July 1 2020

The Work of Spiritual Development – July 1 2020

Why not think of spiritual development as something where we need to put in a lot of work? As long as it remains a hobby, we make some progress but not go beyond. Nowadays, people meditate to be free from stress and lose weight! While that’s fine, the real trip begins only when we get serious and say, this is not what I’m looking for!

Sri M


If we are at all aware of ‘spiritual development’ – if we meditate or read books or do yoga – there are perhaps three ways of looking at it.

  1. We may, as Sri M says above, do this work to lessen our stress and to lose weight (and any other possible benefit you wish to insert here);
  2. we may see ourselves as humans trying to have a spiritual connection within; or
  3. we may see ourselves as spirit having the human experience, working always toward knowing ourselves as spirit, regardless of how deeply immersed in our human-ness we may find ourselves.


Which am I?


Today I will take stock of who I am and how I’m doing. I will make sure not to be on automatic pilot and I will become fully present to whatever ‘spiritual’ work I may be doing today. I will ask myself, ‘what’s the point of it all, for me?’ and I will stay awake and aware perhaps to hear an answer.

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