The World is Intrinsically Holy – November 2 2019

The World is Intrinsically Holy – November 2 2019

So the best thing to do is be thankful. You give thanks to the Lord for this lifetime. Because in this lifetime, I can undo the negative and gain the positive. The world is a rare opportunity for maximum spiritual growth. Undo the bad, and the earning of the new… For the more advanced mind, the meaning of the world is the presence of divinity as the perfection of all that is… The world and humanity were created by God, and therefore, divinely inspired and intrinsically holy. When the ego subsides, the intrinsic beauty and perfection and holiness of all that exists shines forth like a radiance. It shines forth from the world itself… because all that exists is God. There’s nothing that exists that is not God.

Dr. David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D., 

from Healing: Achieving Total Wellness Through 

Higher Levels of Consciousness, Disc One

For many of us, the beginnings of our search for ‘spiritual truth’ lie in our need for comfort or for an escape from discomfort; in our seeking for an answer to the difficulties of our life. As we go along, continuing to listen to the questioning that arises within, continuing to seek happiness, peace and serenity in the things of the world as well as in our spiritual work, eventually we arrive at a ‘jumping off point,’ a vantage point from which we may see that, indeed, God is all there is; and that every ‘problem’ I may see in my life in fact is simply a place where I am choosing to see some person, place, thing or situation, as other than God; where I am identifying as the ego’s positionality rather than as simply another expression of God in this world that is all God.

(If the word or concept ‘God’ does not work for you, then use the word or concept ‘nature’.) 

If God (or nature) is not all there is, then I must make sense of this world and all of its vicissitudes and tragedies, the unfairness of life, the inequities that confront us every day; and the only way this can make sense is if:

  1. the world is chaos and chance, and bummer if you get in the way of it; or
  2. God rewards the good and punishes the evil, so if something bad is happening to you, you must be evil; or you must need to suffer; or you must need to be punished; or…

Contrast this with the vision that God is all that there is. Now, rather than to ‘figure things out,’ it becomes my job:

  1. to build for myself an idea of God that makes sense as ‘all there is’;
  2. to notice when I am seeing any part of life as other than God; and
  3. to meditate, settling out of the mind and into my simplest form of awareness so that I may begin to see God in those places where I have forgotten how to see God.

There is a simplicity to this way of seeing the world, yet it is not unsophisticated. There is a beauty to this way of seeing the world, yet is not a denial of what may seem less than beautiful.

There is only one thing. Whether we call it God or nature, flow or unity, it is this one thing that makes all of this universe flow all together, that causes our blood to sing through our veins, that has the oceans become rain that falls into rivers that flow into oceans, that has the galaxies move together and apart and around each other in perfect harmony from the beginning of time through to the end and over again.

It is this perfect dance we surrender to when we cease having to ‘figure it all out.’ It is this perfect dance that is for us ‘a rare opportunity for maximum spiritual growth.’

Today I will recognize that under all the seeming trials or difficulties of my day there is a truth that is great enough to solve and heal anything I surrender into it. 

Tree and Fog, San Bernardino National Forest, CA