The World is Our Perfect Classroom – September 24 2019

The World is Our Perfect Classroom – September 24 2019

If we didn’t have this world exactly as it is, we would have to build another just like it in order to get what is available here, in order to do the work that we have to do here.

David Hawkins, MD, PhD

We are here to evolve as consciousness. Consciousness is nature. And we are individual expressions of nature itself. What nature is always doing is evolving. As it is for nature, it is for us.

We are spirit, having a human experience. As spirit, we are here to evolve to wholeness. To walk each and every step along the way, reminding ourselves of our true identity, and finding our way to compassion, acceptance and even celebration. With each step we have the option to align ourselves with Source, rather than with the ever-shifting kaleidoscope of the relative world and our ego experience of it.

Each of us has our own individual assignment as well, given to us by our Self, our highest Self, before we come into this realm. We chose EXACTLY the circumstances and conditions that are the perfect path for our own growth and finding our way to fulfillment of our assignment.

We meditate, to learn what peace and alignment with Source feels like. 

And then we come back out into the world and go about the business of life, living in the moment and accepting ‘what is’ as exactly the way things are meant to be in this moment. To see things as they are, rather than comparing everything to the way it should be.

Can I be happy now, in this very moment, even with this (whatever the current ‘this’ might be)? Can I allow myself to live? Can I allow myself to love? Can I trust that someday all of this will be seen as part of the beautiful fabric of a life well-lived?

Can I begin to know myself as the deepest Truth of what I am, rather than as the shifting sands that overlay it? Can I insist on enjoying life?

Today I will insist on enjoying life, if only for a moment, even given the problems, worries, and frustrations of this day.

Fig, 8×10 tintype, Downtown Photo Collective