The World We are Building with Our Thoughts – May 10 2019

The World We are Building with Our Thoughts – May 10 2019

Thought is the mother of all action. So also is imagination or visualisation the key to all achievement…

Ask a successful and wealthy man and he will tell you how he, in his days of poverty, had visualized in great detail the house he would live in, the car he would drive, the clothes he would wear, the money he would handle, once he came by his riches. By keeping these images constantly in his mind and working hard on the ideas that flashed out of his subconscious to feed these images, he has his dreams translated into reality. That is regarding the world of senses.

In the subtle world, the result is instantaneous–one doesn’t have to wait for long. Every passing thought leaves its impression on the invisible world of fine matter that surrounds us. But, when a particular image is deliberately contemplated upon, and that too in full detail–colour, form, shape, and so on–a strong image is actually created in the subtle world… When this image is sufficiently strong, it can be used to influence even entities on this gross earth. Great yogis create good thought forms and direct them towards those humans who are in need of them. Black magicians use evil thought forms to frighten, and in some cases even to kill, their victims…

So, develop the habit of visualizing good and beautiful objects–for instance, a full-grown rose or the letter ‘Aum’ in Devanagari script in electric blue or gold–every morning in your mind’s eye and spread happiness and goodwill mentally to the whole world as you wake up in the morning.

Visualise your desires in complete detail and you are sure to attain them; but never visualise harm to others, for that will arrest your own spiritual development and put you back a few steps down the ladder of spiritual evolution. You can imagine yourself to a state of happiness or unhappiness; it is your choice.

Sri M, Jewel in the Lotus 

What are we thinking of as we go out into the world today? Are we worried about our bills? Our health? Wishing we were further along in our career? Longing for love? Angry at a loved one for not being the way they ‘should be’?  

If this is where our thoughts are tending today, then we are building the experience of fear, anger and disappointment in our tomorrow. 

This is the way the universe works. Nature – the whole of consciousness – looks to our thoughts for direction as to what we want out-pictured in our lives. It says, in effect: You want disappointment and fear? Okay. Here you go.  You want to be in a state of wantingness? Okay. If you say so, here it is.

So if what we would have in our lives is peace and love and abundance, the place to begin is in the realm of our thinking. If our thinking is negative, we can change it. We can step out of habitual negative thinking and into present moment awareness, with a picture of the Om symbol or a lotus in our mind’s eye; with an expectation of a smile from our barista. 

With a reminder to ourselves that there is only one thing; that God is omnipresent – every place and every time; that I must be this one thing as God must be this one thing, and as such I can never be separate from God, so why in the universe would God/nature/Oneness ever want anything for Itself or any aspect of Itself other than peace, love and abundance?

Today I will become present to my thinking. And if I notice negativity creeping in I will change direction. I will picture something beautiful in my mind’s eye. I will envision my heart filled with the light of love, and I will push that light out into the world, sending it to an individual or to a group I feel could use it.

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