There is Nothing to Fear – January 25 2021

There is Nothing to Fear – January 25 2021

What I am saying is that there is nothing to fear. To live with this understanding is what is called holistic living. It is to live with the understanding that the entire universe is pervaded by that blissful Supreme Being and we are a part of that! This is not a fantasy that needs to be worked out in our minds. It is a fact and the actual process through which it is possible is known as sadhana or meditation.

Sri M


We are spirit, having a human experience. At any given moment, we are aligned with/identified as the one or the other – spirit or human.


If I am behaving from fear (or anger), this is evidence of the fight/flight survival system and means that at that moment, I am identified with the small self, the human self.


In these moments, I can let go of this identification with small self, knowing that the sense of spirit is here and available to me, whether I’m able to feel it or not. I can let go of the fear-based identity and get present to the ‘what is’ of a given moment, and choose to trust that the larger self, the spirit of me and of the universe, will be there to show me the next right action.


There is nothing to fear.


Today, I will notice when I am in a state of fear or anger, and I will choose to get out of my thoughts about what I fear or what is making me angry, and I will choose rather to be fully present in this moment, and willing to give of myself to the world.

Giri Baba, Jhilmil Gufa, Uttarakhand, India