Thou Art That – March 28 2020

Thou Art That – March 28 2020

I don’t think mystics are set apart from ordinary people. They are just better quantum navigators. They journey into the transition zone closer to God, and while we might visit there for a few moments of joy, at most a few days, saints and mystics have found the secret of remaining there far longer. Instead of wondering about the mystery of life, a saint lives it.

Deepak Chopra,

How to Know God

It is easy to feel separated from God. Yet the reality of omnipresence means this is simply not possible. If God is everywhere and every time, every place, every thing, why am I not able to feel that presence?

On the material level, this physical body of mine is absolutely other than the table where I sit; yet on the quantum level we are made up of exactly the same stuff. Quarks, leptons, bosons, all the trillions of subatomic particles and the probability of particles there at the level of energy becoming matter and matter once again folding into energy. Everything arising from and returning to the unified field. All exactly the same, yet reality is agreeing to be expressed as flesh and bone here, and as wood there. 

What physicists call the unified field, the Veda knows as consciousness. Consciousness is all there is. Every major religion says that God is omnipresent. If consciousness is all there is, and God is omnipresent–every place and every time–then God and consciousness must be the same thing. 

In order to have an experience of God we must seek that experience in consciousness. In order to feel the presence of God it is necessary for us to move to a more-subtle experience of consciousness than our norm, a more-subtle experience of reality. It is not enough to call upon God to come find us here in the material world. We ourselves must move toward the more-subtle realms where God lives undisguised, where there is nothing other than the flow of energy in its oneness.

This is why we meditate, why we surrender everything but consciousness. We de-excite our mind, transcending our individuality in order to feel our universality. We move our experience of self away from the physical and away from object-identified thinking, and toward the place of pure Being. The place of pure awareness. And in this place of pure awareness, the awareness that I am can feel itself at one with pure Being. This felt oneness is an experience of God that is undeniable. It is the beginning of living this connectedness, this oneness, in the whole of our lives, in meditation and outside of meditation. 

This is how life is meant to be lived–knowing ourselves as expressions of this one, pure, whole, beautiful and complete thing. 

Tat tvam asi. Thou Art That.

When we want this enough, we will be shown the way. We can begin today.

Today I will meditate and de-excite my experience of life and of myself so that I may feel the connectedness that waits deep within me. I will allow myself to feel more subtly what is within, and after, I will ask myself if I feel a bit less lonely in the world.

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