Throwing Caution to the Wind – January 30 2020

Throwing Caution to the Wind – January 30 2020

You cannot really classify spiritual progress into any category and say logically that you can go from step 1 to step 2, and then to step 3. It’s an abandonment of everything. So, all rules are broken down and one moves towards the goal, throwing everything to the winds.

Sri M

There are no rules, except that there are no rules. 

In spiritual work, there must be a willingness to trust something other than one’s thinking, other than the ideas one has followed until now. There must be a continual decision to throw oneself into the flow of life, the flow of evolution that moves inevitably in the direction of oneness. There can be the choice, always, to love; and in those moments when it feels impossible to love – oneself or another – the insistence to ask how could love in this situation be possible? Who would I have to be to be able to love, even here? What judgments of myself or other would I have to let go in order to allow this to be possible? And am I willing to let go, just this once, just as an experiment?

To practice love is the highest spiritual work we can do with our eyes open.

Today I will throw caution to the winds and choose to love. Someone it is easy to love. Someone it seems impossible to love. And even myself. Even those parts of me I might find unacceptable.

Winter Sky, Fryman Canyon, Studio City CA