To Fall in Love with Humanity – March 11 2020

To Fall in Love with Humanity – March 11 2020

Love is a many-splendoured entity. Physical love or spiritual love has the same source, although it manifests at different degrees. You cut across all barriers. Who cares for personal consequences? You want to give, want to sacrifice your personal convenience for the sake of your beloved. You are in love. I plead, please, that we fall in love with humanity as a whole. Let us give our love to all to save human beings, like you and me, at this juncture, before the world is annihilated by hate and violence.

Sri M

The only reason not to love is fear. Fear, always, is of the ego. Those of us committed to the life of the spirit take pains each day to behave from spirit, rather than from ego; to choose higher Self over small self. To let go our thoughts of separation and judgment, of self and others, in order to hear the still small voice within. Which always will say, ‘Love.’

Today I will choose love over fear, over and over again until I forget. And then, when I remember, to choose love once again.

Loki, Fryman Canyon, Los Angeles