To Observe Yourself without Judgment – January 13 2021

To Observe Yourself without Judgment – January 13 2021

The highest form of human intelligence is to observe yourself without judgement.

Jiddu Krishnamurti


Our quality of life is determined far less by the facts of life than by the way our mind processes those facts. It’s essential that, along with meditation, we change the way we look at life. I can meditate from now until Doomsday and I won’t necessarily know how to choose happiness, or even see it as a possibility. This is something that must be learned again and again. After so many years of negative thinking, it will take a while to train ourselves to choose the positive.


The voice of the intellect we hear inside is often giving us a running commentary on why we feel the way we feel. It’s processing the sensations of the body and telling us what we should have done to feel differently, or what we need to do to feel differently. It’s telling us what’s wrong me with, or what’s wrong with you. It’s telling us how to get rid of our fear.


It’s making all this up. And it always makes up a story of negativity. When I listen to the story, I identify with it. When I identify with it, I fall into negative feelings. When I have negative feelings, my mind tells me a story about why. On and on and on.


It’s a given that we will fall into this downward spiral of negative thinking. And it’s our job, whenever we notice this happening, to interrupt the pattern and come back to the world rather than to our thoughts about the world, and notice that some part of us is in fear or pain or sorrow. Be in the here and now with ourselves and recognize the sensation in some part of us that hurts, that is uncomfortable, and just be present to it, while knowing that what we truly are is so much bigger than this.


Today I will pay attention to the way my mind is working. When I find myself in judgment, of myself or others, I will pause, let the negative thinking go, get present in the here and now and ask myself who am I behind the judgment? And I will make a space of silence within for an answer.

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