Truth is Infinite – November 4 2020

Truth is Infinite – November 4 2020

Truth is infinite. So, there must be infinite ways of approaching it. Truth is like the sun; there is nothing secret about it. It is open to all, especially now when the human brain has evolved enough to look at it accurately. No more [secrets]!

Sri M


Truth is infinite.


Time is finite. This body is finite. The feelings that pass through this body come and go, changing always. The thoughts in this mind move like the wind. The opinions we hold for each other, for ourselves, change depending on our mood, how much or little sleep we’ve had, what we’ve eaten, how much or little money we have at a given moment. All that we know ourselves as, all that we know each other as, is ever-changing.


Truth is infinite. Truth is that which never changes. The truth of our universe is that it is a oneness of spirit. I am That. You are That. All this is nothing but That.


The closest we can come to experiencing this truth, barring our complete enlightenment, is through love.


When I allow myself to love you, I am joining the flow of spirit within itself. I am assuming that spirit/life will take care of itself in me. And I am assuming that the job of spirit is my job, too. To take care of itself in you.


Truth is infinite. Love is truth. Love is infinite. It is my job to look for it in each moment. And when I can find it, to share it with you.


Today I will ask myself ‘How can I possibly find love even in this situation?’ And I will stay open to being shown the answer.

Tree, Wyoming