Wake Up, Part II – September 14 2019

Wake Up, Part II – September 14 2019

[F]rom a spiritual perspective, the most effective political, social, or environmental activism is awakening to your true nature and helping others awaken. Indeed, in the long run, it is the only effective method, for awakened ones naturally exist in harmony with their total environment (because they never use their personal will to resist the larger pattern, because by definition they are the larger pattern). All our political, social, and environmental controls are simply attempts to compensate for our lack of awakeness.

Christopher D. Wallis, Tantra Illuminated  

Wake up! This is what the masters of the ages tell us. Wake up! But I’m not asleep, you may say. And the masters would say, ‘to the extent that you find it difficult to love – anyone – to that extent you are asleep.’   Wake up!  

Today I will bring my attention out of my thinking, placing it on the world, with the intention only to love. I will do this again and again until it becomes my new habit.

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