We are Meant to Enjoy Our Lives – May 20 2020

We are Meant to Enjoy Our Lives – May 20 2020

Do not oppose. Opposition is dangerous to immortality.


Rather let the wrong just be a drop in the ocean of your virtue… when you forgive, all nature enjoys your brilliance and returns joy to you.


We are not in a position to criticize anything. We are only in a position to adore everything, love everything, encourage everyone; take it as it comes, go ahead, run fast, evolve, enjoy.

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi,

Power of Silence


We are meant to enjoy our lives. 


Some of us have spent decades experiencing the opposite. We have learned from our parents, teachers, church, society, that life is a struggle, a fight; that we are sinners and need to atone for our evil nature; that life is serious business and that happiness can be ours only after much toil and strife. Etc.


Suffering, rather than enjoyment, is often seen as a virtue; but this is only because someone doesn’t know how to be free of the suffering.


When we are identified as the ego – as this outer shell of thoughts and feelings, opinions, ideas, hopes and fears, history – life is a struggle. Everything is a fight. We are separate from the world, the world is a dangerous place for us, and we need to get enough of everything – love, money, power, approval – to make it safe.


But there is a place within each of us, beyond the ego, that is pure and free and clear, unsullied by anything we ever have done or anything that may have been done to us; where we are at one with the whole of nature, at one with the divine. This place is the truth of our being, and we can choose to live as this truth at any time.


We visit this place each time we meditate, transcending every relative world dilemma and resting in the place of pure peace and bliss, then returning to the world of uplifted by that place, and more and more able to recognize evidence of that place even in the eyes-open world. It is here, always, right in front of us, if we look for it.


Today I will step into my day knowing that I am worthy of love and happiness, and expecting the universe to meet me halfway in my enjoyment of the love and happiness that is my birthright.

Henry’s First Day at the Beach, Cambria, CA