We Cannot Hate Our Way to Love – September 2 2020

We Cannot Hate Our Way to Love – September 2 2020

We cannot hate our way to love. We cannot kill our way to fearlessness.


We are not humans seeking a spiritual experience, but rather spirit having a human experience.


What is the human experience? It is the survival pyramid of the animal nature and the stories we tell ourselves to make sense of it all.


The animal nature seeks survival of the self, first, survival of the herd, second, and comfort, third.


The stories are what we identify as: I am black/brown/white, straight/gay, woman/man, citizen/alien, red state/blue state, right/more right.


The survival system triggers us into fight/flight/freeze and we behave from these deep animal directives. Why am I so angry? Whose fault is it? Why am I afraid? Who’s causing it? Do I have a right to be angry? What can I do to make it go away? What does it mean about me that I’m afraid? What does it mean about the world? Where can I run? Who can I fight?


The word for all this is ‘ego.’


Spirit having a human experience is the soul taking form as this human nature, forgetting itself again and again, becoming lost in the humanness of self constantly, and constantly remembering/reminding itself that it is spirit. Spirit watches the ebb and flow of need and want and desire, the nearly constant triggering of fight/flight/freeze, and steps back from it, dis-identifies with it, lets it flow through the system without taking it so personally, without being driven by its demands.


When a man or a woman lives solely identified as the ego in the relative world, then the solution for the fear and pain and lack of safety we feel must be found in the relative world. Some people seek the solution in banding together, finding safety with their own kind. Some seek the solution in making enough money or having enough power to be safe on their own, to find happiness in their own small part of the world. And some seek the solution by determining who the enemy is, then how to get rid of them. Send them back. Put them in camps. Let them starve. Keep them out of our part of town. Kill them.


When a woman or a man lives in the realm of spirit they know the world as one whole complete thing, and themselves as at-one-with that. They know that fear and anger are the energies of the physical nature and do not define them, do not have to be listened to. They know that as the oneness of life, it is not possible to hurt you without hurting me, that you love your neighbor as yourself because your neighbor is yourself. They know that love, though not always felt, must always be sought. And that love is exponentially more powerful than hate. They know that raising their own consciousness, filling themselves with love, raises the consciousness of the whole, brings love to the whole. That a rising tide raises all ships.


If consciousness is only one thing, then what I do in consciousness affects the whole of consciousness. Where will I place my awareness today? Will I spend it in love or in hate? Will I listen to the voices of ego that tell me it is hopeless, that I am hopeless? Or will I take the time to settle past all the negative voices in meditation, and then offer the love and peace I find there to my world? 


We cannot hate our way to love; but perhaps we can love our way through a day and begin the process of healing that our world so desperately needs.

Barn, Ivy, Frederick County, MD