What You Can Do About the Future – January 9 2020

What You Can Do About the Future – January 9 2020

What can you do about the future? You can be devoted to beauty. You can be devoted to all that is sacred.

David Hawkins, MD, PhD

When fear strikes, we sometimes automatically try to ‘figure out’ how to fix things. Fix our problems. Fix our life. But in spiritual terms, our life is not a problem to be fixed but rather a process to be engaged in. The process does not exist in our thinking, but rather in this present moment which leads to the next present moment and the next and the next; and before we know it, the ‘future’ is our now and it seems, always, to have worked out.

Today I will insist on seeing the beautiful in my world, rather than the ‘problems’ of my world. I will remind myself that if God ‘Is’, then the whole of my world must be sacred. I will let go of seeing anything as a problem and try to become present to the experience, rather than present to my thoughts about the experience.

Alvin Kober, wet plate collodion tintype, Young’s Point, MT