You are an Expression of the Divine – September 8 2019

You are an Expression of the Divine – September 8 2019

To attain all the fulfillment you’ve ever dreamed of and more, you simply need to see the truth of your own Being: that infinite potential exists within you, for you are an expression of the Divine, and whatever manifests through you in this life, though not infinite, is to be honored as what you alone can add to the ever-expanding process of God’s grand self-exploration.

Christopher D. Wallis, Tantra Illuminated

The truth of the Veda, and indeed of all major religions, is that God is omnipresent. Every place and every time. It is not possible that I am separate from this omnipresent divinity, though my mistaken ideas of self cause me to feel this separation often. God is one whole complete intelligence. I am the way by which this intelligence experiences the world and expresses in the world. I can know this for myself today.

Today I will treat everything and everyone I see as an expression of the Divine, beginning with myself.

Nandi (Shiva’s bull) and Hourglass, tintype