You Say It’s Your Birthday – December 18 2019

You Say It’s Your Birthday – December 18 2019

[One’s] birthday… is truly a special day in one’s life. It is one of those days in the year when the Supreme descends into us–or when we are face to face with the Eternal–one of those days when our soul comes in contact with the Eternal and, if we remain a little conscious, we can feel His Presence within us. If we make a little effort on this day, we accomplish the work of many lives as in a lightning flash… 

The Mother

Mother Mirra Alfassa gave great significance to birthdays. 

With her spiritual partner Sri Aurobindo The Mother, as she was known, worked to show a path of spiritual growth that entailed aspiring toward the Divine above in order to pull the consciousness of that Divine down into the physical plane. To connect to something beyond one’s ego, is to transform one’s life. 

Mother Mirra believed that on the day of one’s birth, this connection to something beyond is more powerful than at any other time of the year. The day of our birth is a day we are most fully aligned with Source.

What one gains in one day is truly something incomparable. …It is a very very special day, for it is the day of decision, the day one can unite with the Supreme Consciousness. For the Lord lifts us on this day to the highest region possible so that our soul which is a portion of that Eternal Flame, may be united and identified with its Origin.

The Mother

What we seek in meditation is the same as what The Mother speaks of: connection to the transcendental truth, the place of pure Being within. 

The Mother taught that when we aspire to the Divine, we are met in return by the Divine offering us support and guidance. 

What The Mother knew is that nature wants us to experience the joy of life, the existence/consciousness/bliss that is the very stuff of life itself; and that when we turn toward nature with the least bit of desire for this ourselves, nature/the Divine will respond with a tidal wave of support.

Let this day of your birth be for you an occasion to give yourself a little more, a little better to the Divine. Let your consecration be more total, your devotion more ardent, your aspiration more intense.

Open yourself to the New Light and walk with a joyful step on the path.

Resolve on this day that it may be thus and the day will not have passed in vain. 

all quotes from 

Words of the Mother III,

Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry

Today I will aspire to be more of what I truly am–a joyful and perfect expression of Divine love in the world. I will partner with nature itself to be of loving service in everything I do.

Bud Powell, LA Wash