Your Life is Worthy of Celebration – April 13 2020

Your Life is Worthy of Celebration – April 13 2020

Of all the world

Those who want Freedom are few.

Those who are burning for Freedom are even fewer.

Those who strive one pointedly are even fewer.

Those who do not return to the senses are even fewer.

Those who go on the razors edge are even fewer still.

Those who do not fall off this edge are even fewer still.

Those who attain the Self are so few!

Strive, strive, it is so rare that you are here.

You have a mountain of merits to bring you here.

Do not waste it! Strive!

Sri H. W. L. Poonja,

The Truth Is


There was a time in my life when the only thing I seemed capable of was keeping myself alive. I required constant care and feeding from the world–cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, romance (such as it was)–yet even with all that help, I barely was able to show up for myself, let alone for anyone else, like a family, a cause, or the good of the world. It wasn’t that I wanted to be this person who lived outside of life. I was trying hard as I could to be here, but I had limited skills, zero belief in myself and zero belief in my deserving power.


Years have passed. A deep need within has driven me to find answers for myself that have turned around most of these former shortcomings in my life. I have let go of intoxicants of all sorts. I have become someone who shows up. I have a life that I love, that I enjoy, and I think in general I am a plus in the lives of the people who know me.


Who I am in the world has changed absolutely.


And yet if I pay attention to the Prosecutorial Voice in my head, it’s saying much the same today as it was 30 years ago. Basically that I suck and I should die. I have clearly changed. The voice has not. And if it were going to change based upon me changing, based upon me becoming a better person, it would have modulated at least a bit by now. And yet it hasn’t at all. 


Why would I ever listen to it?


Just as there is not enough love or money or fame or success in the world to give me happiness, nor is there enough “good” I could be or do that would satisfy this voice of judgment in my head. Ever.


If you are a meditator, if you are consciously paying attention to your inner state, your inner journey, you are way ahead of the majority of the world. If you are taking the time to read this, to read anything on a daily basis that says something other than what the inside of your head is saying, you are showing commitment to your soul, your higher Self. If you stop even once today and remind yourself of what a beautiful being you are, and how very far you have come from whatever bottom – emotional, physical, spiritual – you may have hit in your past, then you are aligning yourself with God, with Truth, with your future, which only can evolve from here.


There is no better place to be than where you are, right now, in this moment. This fact is worthy of celebration. As are you, yourself, worthy of celebration.


Today I will stop to remind myself that the voice of negativity within me knows nothing of the truth of me, or even of life itself, and I will lend myself another voice–of love, of comfort, of celebration–to point out to me the wonder of this life I have.

Jeff, Petrified Forest, Arizona – Photo by Henry Kober