Your Lord is Within You – December 8 2019

Your Lord is Within You – December 8 2019

Your Lord is within you, 

Like fragrance in the flowers. 

Why, like a musk deer 

Are you searching for musk 

in the grass 

again and again?


In the Himalayas there is a small deer, commonly called the musk deer. The male of the species has a small gland under its tail. During the mating season, this gland secretes a scent that is so heady and powerful that the deer himself goes a bit wild trying to locate its source, never realizing that he, himself, is that source.

We have been trained all our lives to look without. To watch the world that we might gather enough success, money, love and safety to finally be happy. Of course it never works in any lasting fashion.

What we are looking for is within us. It always has been, it always will be. It is the field from which the success of our life arises. It is source, course and goal of all love that we seek and seek to express. It is the ultimate safety because it is the Truth. That which never changes. And its very nature is bliss. True happiness that is based on nothing other than our acceptance of it.

We simply need to look to ourselves – past all the thoughts and feelings and stresses of any given moment – to see it here.

Like fragrance in the flowers.

Today I will give myself the opportunity to be quiet in the midst of the chaos. I will close my eyes, take a few deep breaths and allow myself to imagine, feel, know the place of silence deep within. And I will offer gratitude to the universe it connects me to.

Alaknanda River, Mana Village, the Himalayas, Uttarakhand, India