Your Own Conception of God – August 13 2020

Your Own Conception of God – August 13 2020

If the Supreme Being is all-pervading Brahman (Totality) and is also in our hearts as a spark, why do you worship?  In the 12th chapter of Bhagavad Gita, Krishna tells Arjuna that while you can conceive of the Supreme Being as the formless almighty, human minds are very attached to name and form and therefore it’s easier to link with the Supreme Being depending on the name and form.

Sri M


“Why don’t you choose your own conception of God?”

Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous


There is a spiritual concept that states: either God is, or isn’t. And if God is, then God is everything.


‘Everything’ is another way of saying ‘infinity.’ If you and I are both looking at infinity and trying to describe it, we are going to describe it differently, perhaps radically so, depending on our culture, gender, age, personality. The mind by definition cannot encompass infinity, cannot describe the infinite, cannot fit itself around the infinite. So by definition, I will never understand infinite God. It’s simply not possible.


What I can do is to open myself to God, to the presence of the Divine. Since this Divine is everything, then it is available to me always and everywhere. In this moment, in this series of words, in the ideas I am sending out through the ethers and that you are picking up in your morning email.




Today I will remind myself that there is nowhere to look that isn’t God, and I will treat the world and my fellows accordingly.

Yard cactus, Studio City CA