The Secret of Happiness – January 6 2020

The Secret of Happiness – January 6 2020

Let go and rejoice – let none of your hurts and negativities stick to you. Throw them away – let go of them. Then, be free and rejoice in the bliss of the tranquil mind which is at the core of your being. That’s the secret of happiness!

Sri M

All my ‘hurts and negativities’ are based in my ideas that life should be different than it is. That I should be different than I am. That you should be different than you are.

When I let go of my ideas that things should be different than they are, I am able to see life as it is. I am able to settle into the truth of Being. Into the ‘core’ of my being. And the truth of being is Bliss itself. 

At the core of what I am lies all the happiness of the world. May I let go now… and now… and now… and allow myself to feel it.

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